She’s Alone

I think this week has been the longest, hardest week of my Second Life, and just a really bad week in my Real Life. But I’m not gonna say anymore about that, because I know I can bounce back if I just keep charging forward, look for the good things in life, and ignore all the bad that was thrown my way. I’m not entirely sure how much I’ll be blogging from now on, and I know I’ve not actually blogged in a few weeks, but I do hope to get at least one done a week now. Besides that, nothing new to report here really. Knick Knacks got accepted into a bunch of new events, which is totally great, but sadly I’ve had to close my store, though it will be on the Marketplace and I’ll still be attempting to do KidSync and 50 Linden Friday (if I can find a spot to put my stuff anyway!) 



Leotard: Epiphany *Basic Black SS* Leotard Set

Hair: [e] Rumor – Red 05

Glasses: [Quantum] Anime glasses

Pose: Dollarbie from The Kid Company @ The Pose Fair