She is Tiny

It’s happened. I, Naraelina Faye Kovacs-Darling… Has been sucked into the current fad that’s raging throughout the kid world. The adorably tiny toddleedoo mesh avatar, available at Cute Bytes for the low low price of 350 linden, is one of more then a few mesh avatars that have come out for children lately, but it’s by far one of the cutest and makes you look like a realistic toddler, and you can even keep your own head and skin! Who can say no that? Well,  I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I had a rather original avatar then most. I didn’t wear kid clothes often and enjoyed taking the typical adult clothing and modding it to fit my kid self. Since the introduction of mesh, that habit has became largely impossible, much to my dismay. But at the same time, the world of kids clothing has been evolving and I’ve found many, MANY clothing items that have been released lately to be super adorable, and I’ve gradually started to wear more kid clothes rather then my adult clothing. When the toddleedoo avatar came out, I saw how instantly popular it was. Plurk lit up with dozens of plurks and photos of people making there avatars tiny and pretty much super adorable and I admit, I was kind of fascinated by it. I had not liked the CK avatar or the Yabu, as I liked my skin and my shape and I would feel very unNaraish without them, but the toddleedoo avatar tempted me…. and tempted me… and it kept tempting me. The selling point for me was when Cindy Lu, owner of Gigglebox started releasing these amazingly adorable and brightly colored outfits that just seemed like something I’d wear. I gave in and bought the toddleedoo avatar and proceeded to make myself adorable. Of course my giant glasses stayed, because if anything, they enhanced the cuteness and it was sort of retaining my uniqueness. After two days of trying to get my shape to not look deformed, I got it working and went around shocking all my friends who only ever knew me as the big tomboyish kid. I didn’t know how long I was gonna stay this way, but I knew I wanted to blog a lot of toddleedoo things, just for the heck of it. My sister and niece, Alannah and Mei, recently opened up a toddleedoo shop of their own and it’s amazingly adorable. I will be blogging those very very soon, as well as many other styles from the popular kid stores are designing. Today I am showing you this super bright and adorable Hello Kitty! dress from LD Kids, paired with my favorite toy, my cardboard sword from Cheeky Pea/Glitterati, my toy pipe from mocorin and my kitty backpack from LCKY.


Hair: [e] Quirky – Red 05

Glasses: [Quantum] Anime glasses

Sword: Glitteratti & Cheeky Pea – Lightning Bolt Full Set

Pipe: *mocorin* Toy pipe Color

Watch: **Cute Bytes** Watch – Funky Purple

Backpack: [LCKY] Kitty Bag – white

Necklace: *Boof. Butterbeer Cork Necklace

Ring:  *LC* – My Wifey Ring (turquoise)