She’s Her Mama’s Girl

Hello, hi! I’m so sorry for my umm… extreme lateness with this blog. I’ve had one heck of a few weeks, and I’ve been super crazy busy. I actually have had this specific post, sitting in my drafts, half done for a few weeks now, and I totally forgot about it until I went into to make a new post. So I decided, hey let’s save that post for next time and finish this one! Now if I actually keep up with my schedule of blogging then hopefully I will have a nice little post about the awesome Arcade event going on right now. But today, I am here to bring you another blog on the cuteness that is the Toddleedoo. This time I dragged my beloved Mama, Brie into the post, because we have matching outfits! Baby Pie, has always made some of my favorite clothes and I loved the fact that for some of their outfits, they have made matching Mommy outfits so that they can match their kids! Mama got me this outfit as a surprise the other day, then she showed up in an outfit just like it and I was so excited that I pushed her into my photo studio and made her blog with me! Now as always, I have Love Soull hair, which fits amazing well on the toddlee’s – in fact, I think a lot of the kids are wearing hairs from Love Soul now, which is totally cool, because it’s one awesome hair store!

On Nara:

Outfit: *Baby Pie* Zoe Toddleedoo

Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*114*Auburn

Glasses: [Quantum] Big Glasses

On Brie:

Outfit: *Baby Pie* Zoe Adult

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ichigo MESH Hair – Reds Pack