She is for the Anti-Bullying Cause

As many of us know in the kid community, the anti-bullying hunt,, run by Cindy Lu of Gigglebox, has started today. It’s running from today through November 10th, and it has 24 wonderful kid designers participating. (Myself included!) This hunt was put together to support Anti-Bullying, as we see more and more people getting hurt everyday by bullies, rather it’s online, or in the real world. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say this to anyone who has or is being bullied. You are NOT alone, and please never forget that. There are people everywhere that have experienced different ways of being bullied, as well as the people who love you, who will always pick you back up with you fall. (I know I worded this badly… I had a whole speech thought up, but I’m so not with it today, I can’t remember most of it.) And remember this as well. You are you, don’t let people tell you who and who you cannot be. If we were all the same, the world would be a very boring place. So let yourself shine, and show those people that you are in control, that you have support, that you are loved. So, onward to this tinsy bit of a preview for the hunt. I didn’t blog everything, but I did manage to get most of the clothing in there. So many cute things, though sadly I had to shrink for this post… TODDLEDOO’S! *shakes fists jokingly* I’ve also asked Sophie, Scarlet and Addison to help me out with this post! I do hope you all enjoy, and make sure you do the hunt!

(Prop w/ poses from Click for the Anti-Bullying hunt)


Shirt: .:: Petite Bowtique ::. Anti Bully Girl Shirt(Hunt)

Pants: *QT* Stop the Bullies Jeans(Hunt)

Shoes: Larnia epic Kicks lo-tops

Skirt: ~* Larnia Kids *~  epic tutu

Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*079*Auburn

Glasses: [Quantum] Anime glasses


Shirt: :>Inner Peace<: Be a Friend Sweater [BABY] (Hunt)

Leggings:  :> Inner Peace <: Leggins Hud Toddledoo [Pink Hearts]

Boots: :> Inner Peace <: Pink Leather Wellies

Hair: [e] Again 2- Red 05

(Prop from Gigglebox in the Anti-Bullying hunt)

Shirt: .:: Petite Bowtique ::. Anti Bully Boy Shirt (Hunt)

Pants: -DD- Anti Bullying Mesh Pants (Hunt)

Hair: booN FNQ123 hair chestnut

Glasses: [Quantum] Anime glasses

(Floating chair from Knick Knacks and footprints from Whimzie in the Anti-Bullying hunt)

Outfit: Foursquare – Anti Bully Mesh Toddlerdo

Hair: Wasabi Pills/Noriko Mesh Hair – Reds Pack

Ears: Cute Bytes – Babyelven Ears

Below is a list of the kid designers participating, hints and LM’s –

1. Gigglebox: Are you thirsty?

2. Dash of Dulce: Why don’t you try on some kindness?

3. Inner Peace: Maybe harry potter has it in his room?

4. Celebrationz: –Not available Yet–

5. Larnia Kids: You don’t have to go far.. maybe you should check in?

6. QTs Closet: These were made for walking.

7. Rawr Muffins: Have a seat!

8. Whimzie By Lishi: Got Mustache?

9. Spronkwings: You will find me riding on my friend from downunder.

10. Foursquare: Are these hunts ‘bug’ging you?

11. .Click: Is this hunt number 1?

12. Luvbugs: Is my typing animation cute?

13. Daisies and Denim: This hunt item is pretty straight forward.

14. Babydolls Boutique: I think you need a pink fluffy hug!

15. Sweets Treats: Maybe you should explore other causes as well.

16. Odonata: Together a Camping we will go.

17. Lil’ Dreams: We can all take turns there is not MUSH ROOM here.

18. Petite Bowtique: Maybe you should pick up some clothes for school while your here!

19. Tiny Spaces: On the wings of an angel.

20. Knick Knacks: Take the spotlight!

21. Piecrust Promise: –Not available Yet–

22. Hopskotch: –Not available Yet–

23. Sassafras: Little pink pony, rock me to sleep.

24. Abby Lane: Sweet dreams in pumpkin land.􀀁