Halloween! With Larnia Kids

I am so very super excited, and I bet you can all guess why! HALLOWEEN IS THIS WEEK!  HOORAY! Halloween is by far one of the best holidays ever. For me, it’s the chance to wear crazy outfits and costumes where people won’t question you. I mean I already do it for conventions and such, but it’s hard to do without people looking at you like like… the heck is that girl doing?!? So when it’s Halloween I can really let my geek flag fly hard and dress up however I want to, from anything I want to! Now within Second life, I’ve found many places ove rthe years that have some amazing costumes, but one of my all time favorites for any and all kid related Halloween wear, is Larnia Kids. Ever since I became a kid avatar, my first stop for costumes was always Larnia Kids. They have so many adorable and unique costumes, as well as Halloween related outfits, and oh my gosh the cuteness. And with each passing year, their Halloween stuff gets cuter and cuter. Now, Larnia Kids also are known for putting fun hunts and things together for holidays. This Halloween, they are doing their THIRD trick or treating event at their sim! This event runs right to November 2nd, and features 5 exclusive prizes, made just for the hunt! I’ve yet to go there myself, but I am planning to later tonight and I just know it’s gonna be awesome! So i hope everyone gets a chance t check it out and for all your halloween-y needs, check out Larnia Kids!

Taxi to the Larnia Kids Third Annual Trick or Treating event!

From left to right, we have …

Marianne McCann is wearing the ever cool Robot costume. Here is what she has to say about Larnia Kids.

“Larnia Kids is always there with new and fun costumes that look like for-real kid stuff. It’s great to see what they’ll make each year.”

Juniper Isobel Quandry is wearing the spunky Alice in Wonderland costume that features one of Alice’s dresses from the movie.  Here is what she has to say about Larnia Kids.

“I love Larnia Kids and get most of my clothing there.  The styles are true to what an RL kid might wear and the texturing is high quality, plus the prices are lower than many other stores.  It’s my favorite shop in SL.”

Sophie Layne Montgomery is wearing the brand new Trick or Treat fairy outfit, showing that the toddlee versions are just as cute! Here is what she has to say about Larnia Kids.

Brie Hailey-Kovacs is wearing the adorable Abby Cadabbyoutfit.

Eric Connor Republic is wearing the newer and so much fun crayon costume.

Mickie Silvercloud-Binder is wearing the super awesome new superhero outfit that’s part of a series of rings and costumes.

And me, Naraelina Faye Kovacs-Darling, is wearing one of my new favorite outfit ever, the ‘totally witchin’ outfit!

“Larnia Kids was the first kid store I ever found, and when I found it, I honestly never thought about being a kid. But that made me start wondering, ‘what if?’ and I think that’s when I started toying with making myself a kid avatar. So I am thankful that I stumbled across the store, and I am glad that Rory and heath work so hard to make such wonderful things for all of the kid community. I think I can speak for a lot of us when i said that we all all thankful to have them.”

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this!