Monthly Archive: December, 2012

She is Ready for SNOW!

Hello everyone! We are just 7 days away from CHRISTMAS! I know, I can hardly believe it! Where did my December go?!  I’m not ready to stop listening to Christmas music yet! But… Continue reading

She has Christmas Spirit!

Oh hi! Happy December! Happy early Christmas, HAPPY EVERYTHING! I’m sure you can all tell that this is my most favorite time of the year! No, not because of the presents, but because… Continue reading

She MUST be a Weasley!

Well hi everyone! I do hope every has been enjoying their week so far and of course, enjoying The Arcade!  I know that I, myself have been there numerous times this week, trying… Continue reading

She’s Gacha Crazy (Again!)

Do you know what’s awesome? The fact that it’s almost December. Do you know what that means? Yes, Christmas, but that’s not all! No, it also means that the newest round of The… Continue reading