She’s Gacha Crazy (Again!)

Do you know what’s awesome? The fact that it’s almost December. Do you know what that means? Yes, Christmas, but that’s not all! No, it also means that the newest round of The Arcade is starting soon! Yes SOON! As in THIS Saturday! As I write this, hundreds of piggy banks around the virtual world are crying out for help, knowing that IT’S coming. I had the amazing opportunity to be a blogger for The Arcade for this  round, which came as a huge surprise to me, as I’m mainly a kid blogger, and not just a kid blogger, I tend to be kind of really hyper and ramble on. So this is a huge honor. But enough about that, I bet you are all excited to see what’s in store for you at The Arcade! I can tell you that you guys will not be disappointed. Everything is top notch and so amazingly well done, you can tell everyone worked hard on their items. Not to mention the people who put the event together, who have added some adorable new additions to The Arcade location! So make sure that you try and check around when you are fighting through the lag! You might just find yourself pleasantly surprised at what you find! ANYWAY, I have this little sweet post for you, just so you can see some of my favorite items out of this round. (Actually… most items ended up being a favorite of mine, so I guess this is a not so little, probably will be extended post instead, eh?)



I think my favorite things from the last Arcade were all the fun toys from BALACLAVA, and the plushies from Intrigue. I’m all for toys and cute things. That being said, there were many different plushies available from The Arcade this month, which made me smile lots. D-lab has these adorable little gangsters cats… I mean look at him! Gyah, so cute! Schadenfreude also has these cute little dolls based on various characters… One was even based on the Arcade mascot, Archie! He’s such a cute doll, don’t you think? And… of course, Intrigue has a whole new set of plushies for this new round,much to everyones delight. They are just as cute and adorable as the last round and I’ve probably spent most of my money on that gacha alone in the few minutes of being at the blogger preview. I think I have about 8 of the 12 available now! (Still holding out for the barn too!) There are a few more cute little things that are not pictured here, as I failed at making room for all of them. Make sure you check out Olive’s pet rocks…. I am pretty much in love with my Narwhal rock. *Rambles on about pet rocks and stuffed animals for a few more minutes before she finally shuts up* I think it’s the kid in me really, to go on and on about stuff like that…. But I really ought to talk about the HAIR. I freaked out when I saw that my FAVORITE hair store on the list of stores that were in this round. Love Soul has always made adorable hairs and this new one… Well it’s my favorite yet. Sadly, I have yet to get my ginger color, but I will keep trying!  Anywa, Love Soul has many varities of hat colors and styles and hair colors, so make sure you check that out, as well as Clawtooth, BCC, Tableau Vivant for some even more cute, wintery hairs. NOW before I finish up the first post of my gacha series, let me just express my happiness over the fact that ‘Nilla Bean had  a kid snowsuit gacha there. Just for us kids! I was really surprised AND really happy. With most kids going toddleedoo and all adults in mesh, it’s hard for me to find cute, mesh items for my size. But these snowsuits are oh my gosh cute, and made for normal sized kids only (This is the part where I point and laugh at the toddlees in good manner… :p) they also have mittens and scarves for sale as well, so to the few normal sized kids out there, make sure you find their gacha!

8228840715_260c45028c_b (1)


And now, I leave you all until tomorrow. The Arcade starts up in just a few hours, so start getting your teleports ready! Be safe and enjoy!  (Random note… Don’t mind how not well put together this blog was… I’m running on 36 hours with no sleep!)