She has Christmas Spirit!

Oh hi! Happy December! Happy early Christmas, HAPPY EVERYTHING! I’m sure you can all tell that this is my most favorite time of the year! No, not because of the presents, but because of the cheer, the happiness, the feeling of family, the music, the movies, the snow, the cookies! Everything! I just love it so much and I always have. My Christmas tree was up the moment our Thanksgiving meal was over! The music has been playing non-stop and my Christmas movie list is being watched as we draw closer and closer to that time of the year. I admit, I am so sad Christmas day because I know it means that the tree has to go away, the music has to stop and people just look at you weird if you are still wearing your ugly Christmas sweaters. So I’m hoping this month goes by as SLOWLY as possible. Anyway, I’ve been hunting around the marketplace for some christmas-y clothes for the past week. Most of the children ones are now being released in toddleedoo mesh form, which means I can’t wear it… and the adults all have their cute mesh outfits as well, and I can’t wear THOSE either, so my pickings were rather slim. I could of easily just worn all my clothes from last year, but what’s the fun in that? Well, I had gone to look for a white dress at Edelweiss (I vaguely remembered seeing one during one of my many trips) and I saw that they had an adorable new mesh outfit out for Christmas. I went to look at and discovered something amazing… A SIZE JUST FOR KIDS! Needless to say I was flailing about everywhere and I bought it right away. I scrapped my half done blog that I had started and decided to show you guys this instead, and to express my happiness. Oh and by the way, see my pretty new D!va hair from Collabor88? Yeah, it’s pretty amazing.

Note: This image appears not as clear as my others… Not sure why.


She has Christmas SpiritHair: “”D!va”” Hair “Asami” (Black amber)

Outfit: *Edelweiss* Santa Dress04

Boots: *Edelweiss* Santa Shoes02