She Loves Music

Well hello everyone! It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve been able to sit down and blog! First, I was moving, then I didn’t have a graphic card for a few weeks, then I started a new internship in real life, then I had a concussion. Gosh has it been a busy month. But I’m here now, to show off a short but sweet blog piece. As many know, I’m very anti-toddleedoo. As a result, I’ve become one of the rare few regular child avatars still left in this ever growing virtual world. The good news about that? Well, I have more chances to be unique and stand out. The bad news? Well, everyone is making toddleedoo only clothing at this point, and all the adults have their nice fancy mesh. So us regular kids have bee… say, left behind? Yeah, left behind. I suppose it’s our own faults for being stubborn, but I just cannot bring myself to look like all the other kids, I hadn’t even been into the tiny tot stage either! So clothing shopping as become something jus’ short of an adventure. I’ll wander around shopping malls, poking my head in every store I pass, hoping to find a section of non-mesh, older clothing lines on clearance  anything that I could throw on and somehow salvage a blog post from. I’m sure if I really tried, I could make new outfits from combining old outfits in my inventory… but geez, I don’t currently have the patience for that…. And so today, I decided to go wander around one of my favorite sims, Tableau.  I had jus’ picked up some cute new hairs from Chemistry (I seriously love their bangs options that comes with a lot of their hairs!) and I had recently grabbed some high waisted shorts from Artilleri, so my mission was some short of shirt, maybe a jacket, cardigan, anything that’d work. I stumbled across Tres Blah, nestled in the corner of the street. I vaguely remembered that my teen and my adult avatars both had almost the entire collection of Tres Blah, and that a lot of their clothing wasn’t mesh. Happily, I started buying everything that’d work for little me. It resulted in a strange looking outfit, that I personally love. I decided to throw on my headphones that I had grabbed from The Arcade a few months back, throw on my guitar bag and proceeded to pose in front of a mirror, happily smiling about new clothes and outfits.


She Loves Music



Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Bubbles – Reds

Headphones: .:Standby Inc. – Retro Headphones Box – Monochrome

Socks: Lark – Cozy Socks  (Black) RARE

Shorts: /artilleri/ Johanna highwaist shorts *dark blue*

Shirt: -tb- C88 Graphic Tee -Merci Beau Coup

Cardigan: -tb- Boyfriend Cardigan – Grey

Guitar Bag: *Edelweiss* Guitar Case – soft

Scarf: Tee*fy Thick  Wool Scarf Triangles ( Chest )

Boots: [monso] My Combat Ankle Boots – Black

Have a lovely weekend.