She is Home

Oh my gosh, hello! I know, I know – ANOTHER post not even a week later! Am I sick? Well no, because clearly I wouldn’t be blogging if I was.. Haha. Nope, I am here to bring you an INTERIOR BLOG POST! So please bare with me, as it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these (I think… 3 years! Well… Except for that magazine article I did in last December’s issue of Royal Living!) So I’m bound to fail at it as I try to figure it out. But I wanted to show you guys my cute little room in my Momma’s new house. She threw me in the attic (Surprise, surprise!) and it actually took me a good long while to figure out exactly what I wanted. I kept throwing things out per usual, trying to figure it out. My bed, of course, was already out, as I had just gotten it last month and I’ve fallen in love with it. I’m probably the biggest fan girl of Flowey and Art Dummy, so them doing a collab together just sort of made my month. I have also recently gotten to love floorplan, especially the little book decor they sell. I love books, and I’m always on the lookout for cute little book props for my rooms. So as I was doing my room, I knew right away that it needed a lot of books. I ran out to floorplan and art dummy again, jus’ to see what if there was anything else I wanted and managed to pick up a bunch of things for my room. I got back and threw them into the room and put up all my pretty wall art and stuck my newly found LOVE sign from Collabor88 (The whole bedroom set is amazingly cool!) I then stuck the poster from The Cinema event that I got to be in because it’s so very cool, and I set my trophies out from winning Best Photography at camp from the last few sessions. *Rambles on* Okay, okay, I’ll stop, instead of going on and on about things, I’ll jus’ show you! Enjoy!


Elephant: d-lab-Elephant


Camp Hardknock – Winter 2011 Award – Naraelina Ordinary – Camp Photographer Award

 Camp Hardknock – Winter 2012 Award – Naraelina Ordinary – Most Likely To Become A Camp Counselor Award

Camp Hardknock – Winter 2012 Award – Naraelina Ordinary – Best Group Leader Award

Camp Hardknock – Winter 2012 Award – Naraelina Ordinary – Best Cabin Captain Award

Camp Hardknock – Winter 2012 Award – Naraelina Ordinary – Camp Photographer Award

Camp Hardknock – Winter 2013 Award – Naraelina Ordinary – Camp Photographer Award


Stack of Books: flowey & *art dummy! sleepless (decorative books)

Books Ends w/ Books: [*Art Dummy!] once. (books and bookends)

Unicorn Art: floorplan. species silhouette / unicorn

Calender: [Commoner] Wall Calendar / Add Your Own…

Radio: Radiation Queen 1.08

DVD: [CHK] Winter Camp 2013 DVD

Book Decor: floorplan. pride and prejudice novel

Frame w/Quote: .paloma. chalky frame, “dream a little bigger darling.”


Bed: flowey & * art dummy! – sleepless bed

Rug: [croire] rugs from the attic

Nightstand: floorplan. spool table

Art Stand: LISP – Mesh – Painter Stool – texture change 15.0

LOVE sign: .lame – LOVE (Kyle) *Art

Hot Air Balloon: Little Boxes Hot Air Balloon Deco (stripes)


Televison w/ Atari:  Tosche Station –  ATARI 2600 Collection (NS)

Room Divider: floorplan. empty in between room divider.


Cabinet: floorplan. shutter cabinet / sky

Desk: [*Art Dummy!] flamingo. (drafting table)

Giraffe: d-lab giraffe sit B

Frames: {what next} Charlotte Large Prints (Set B)

Wall Art: :: AB : Home Begins Wall Decal



floorplan. the philosopher’s stone novel

floorplan. the great gatsby novel

floorplan. where the sidewalk ends

floorplan. – handbook for the recently deceased

Fishbowl: [*Art Dummy!] Swimmy’s Fishbowl

Flowers: LISP – Button Flowers in a Vase – 3 flowers


I’m sorry for this being a mess. I am out of practice. I’ll do better next time! Have a lovely week everyone.