She is Herself

*Screaming in amazement* AND ANOOOOTHER POST! I’m on a roll… Let’s hope I can keep this up! Though if I keep going at this rate, I’ll run out of things to blog! Well maybe not, since this is my teen avatar and her wardrobe is severely lacking… Which means that I can buy all the mesh that I WISHED fit Nara! Anyway, let me introduce to you my teen avatar, Maki Shippe, otherwise known as Whisper Darling. She is my unused, unloved roleplaying avatar for those days that I was gonna go to Hogwarts and have a jolly good time since I’m one of the biggest Harry potter fans around. Clearly though, I never stuck with it, for reasons beyond me. Actually, no that’s a lie. I’m to shy to roleplay. That’s why I eventually stopped. You’d think playing Dungeons and Dragons all the time in real life would make me prepared to go on SL and roleplay. But nope, I am just a blabbering idiot when it comes to roleplay within SL. Maybe it’s because there are all these rules, like the order people talk in and all those serious roleplayers that I feel are judging me with every word I type. And before you say not all of them are like that, I know they are not because that’s really jus’ my shyness getting the better of me. I thought maybe I’d try it again soon though. Maybe. We’ll see. Anyway, this avatar remains largely unused, but I was messing around with her this week and doing a bunch of new photos, so I figured, hey why not blog with her? So tada, here I am! Sporting a very comfortable looking outfit with no shoes (She seriously owns one pair of shoes and her bare feet… So I usually wear no shoes, because hell yeah bare feet!) – This is pretty much what I’d wear on weekends, besides the flared jeans… Though they DO look comfortable. Perhaps I should invest in some in real life? (skinny jeans are not lounging around pants, I can tell you that!) ~ Sidenote ~ I’ve started to blog what my poses are now as well!

She is Herself

Shirt: dfo! like a fox sweater (sky blue)

Tank: Underthings – Ribbed Tanks (Freebie)

Jeans: JANE – sweet n low jeans.classic

Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)

Hair: [e] Shine – Blonde 07

Glasses: .:*December*:. Glasses No.56

Freckles: R.icielli – Natural Freckles

Pose: .::Ks2cool::. Pose53-60

Bracelet: ASO! Leather Bracelet-coin(brown)

I do hope you enjoyed. I’m not the most fashionable person around but I am the comfiest!