She is a Bunny

Hi everybunny! I hope everyone has had a splendid weekend, though I for one, cannot wait for it to be over. I figured that I’d do this weeks post early, since I’m gonna be very busy with real life, and, well, I won’t be on much, maybe not at all. So TADA, here I am! With my cute bunny ears and all. Those of you who are close to me know that I hold this huge love for bunnies. My RL calls me bunny, and my twinny calls my bunny, and my sl mama… and I jus’ argh, LOVE bunnies so much! Recently, a kid event called Limited50 started – it’s basically like the title. Every designer has a special item out with only 50 copies available. I had been setting up my item when I spotted the one next to me… Jackalope ears/antlers, with adorable hearts on them. I of course, wanted them instantly, despite my not so huge love of pink. So the next day when the event opened, I ran and got them before they were gone forever. I was so excited, that I instantly started looking for an outfit to go with them. I had decided to go back to Tres Blah and grab a few other things I had my eyes on. I paid those items up with some of my favorite jeans from Milk Motion and decided against shoes… Honestly my avatar has been barefoot for a majority of three weeks, as well as my teen me. Anyway, I somehow ended up in a fairly girly outfit as far as I go… lots of pink and red, which considering it was jus’ Valentine’s Day, isn’t such a bad thing! Enjoy!

She is a Bunny

Ears/Antlers: +Half-Deer+ The Jackalope – Adored (Limited 50 edition) – GONE

Shirt: -tb- merci beaucoup raglan

Cardigan: Reek – Papercut Cardigan – Cream – Old FLF item

Jeans: (Milk Motion) my boyfriend jeans – Old FLF item

Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)

Hair: [e] With – Red 05

Necklace: (Yummy) Momento Locket

Scarf: -tb- Wrapped Up Scarf – Blush

Pose: dfo! [free] we’re all friendlies! so, let’s just…be friendly

Nail polish: -tb- Nail Polish (set of 20 colors)

I’ll see you guys next week, unless I decide to dig out my teen again.