She is Moving Forward

Hi guys. It’s 1 am and I’m really, very tired. And yet, I decided to do this blog post. Yep. I’m weird. But hey, that’s okay! Anyway, I hope everyone’s Arcade shopping has gone well, it’s been quite entertaining see everyone plurk about it, freak out, list the things they need ~ makes SL all the more interesting! I, myself am still hoping to nab that rare bunny head from Fashionably Dead, but still, no such luck. I did however, manage to do my Arcade photo entry this week, and I had a lot of fun doing it! I based it off my childhood memories of me tipping over furniture, piling my stuffed animals all over, and start giving them commands as we were being attacked by the ‘closest monster’ – So I had a lot of fun putting it together (Thank you Rose for helping me!) I have one more entry to brainstorm, and I’m trying to think of a SUPER original one… So far though, I have nadda. But at least I’ve been having fun doing other photos since Berry’s tutorial came out. (Berry’s Adjustment Layer Tutorial) I honestly always did shadows a different way that basically SUCKED… But now, oh my gosh! I’ve been practicing everyday using what she taught in the video and it’s so much fun… I still have a long way to go photo wise  but I’ve made such great progress in my photography withijn SL this year, it’s so exciting for me… I also used the shadows in this photo. I think I overdid them, but that’s okay, practice makes perfect! I’ve also been slowly… slowly learning Hexagon.. Though I’m super frustrated with it at the moment…. BUT I WILL MAKE FURNITURE AGAIN. I HAVE TO. In the meantime, I’ve been messing with anypose, and learning to make poses. I’ve also rebranded my store that I had closed and I’m slowly getting back into it. It’s been pretty fun and I can say that I’ve been really productive with SL things… Now if only I could be like this with RL skills! Yeah. I’m rambling. I’m half asleep. More then half. I’m like asleep at my keyboard. WHY. I’ll write a better one next year. I meant day. Or week. NEXT TIME. OKAY. GOODNIGHT.

She is Adorable

Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*088*Auburn

Dress: bop! Overall Dress – Bunneh Love

Shoes: Turducken – Gladiator Sandal – White

Backpack: *H+K*(banana)maple bunny-ruck<3

Necklace: R(S)W Eatable Candy Necklace for Kids – Box

Pose:  sbno – let the wild rumpus start! – 2

here’s a song that utterly fascinates me.