She Loves to Procrastinate

After being busy for more then a week straight, I finally have a day to myself and… Well I have no idea what to do. I know what I SHOULD be doing and that’s learning to do UV mapping in Blender and/or Hexagon, working on new poses and furniture for a kids event starting up in two weeks, or working on a new photo, maybe even practicing my photography… Heck, even trying to work on my video entry for a convention anime music video contest that’s due next month. But alas, I been sitting here at my PC playing things. Not even Second Life though, no I’m sitting here playing games like Skyrim or watching Supernatural or gosh, scrolling through the endless tumblr. I’m the champion at getting distracted, always have and probably always will be. I decided that I at least should get a blog post done, because Strawberry had posted a Procrastination Meme the other day, and I had wanted to do it but umm, got distracted? ~ So here I am now. Being boring, but at least a wee bit productive. The outfit I decided to wear for this post, it’s actually really funny, but this is the outfit I wear pretty much everyday. I was looking through my blog posts and I realized I had NEVER blogged it. not even my trademark hair I always wear. Geez.

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she loves

Overalls: Loki Mesh – BibShorts  – ClassicBlueOldschoolRed

Hair: booN FNQ123 hair chestnut

Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)

Pose: dfo! [free] bright, shiny futures are overrated

  1. What is the rez date for your current SL Avatar that you use most often? Naraelina Ordinary – 07/22/2010
  2. Where was the first place you made friends as a newb and got to know people in Second Life? New Life Adoption Agency, I spent my first day there and met a really nice woman who introduced me to her brother, who became my father later on… Through him I met my forever sister and numerous others. A lot of them are still close to me to this day and stay in contact via FB.
  3. Where do you spend most of your SL time now? My building platform above my forever Mom’s house. I’m usually sprawled across a stool.
  4. Who is your closest friend in Second Life? (only pick one) Geez. I’m gonna have some of my friends beating down my door. Mmmm… I’d say both Tristan Padar and Jennah Jinx. Both know literally everything about me, and I often got o them when I need to rant, and they still manage to love me even when I annoy them!
  5. What is the most favorite thing in your inventory? (only pick one) My trademark glasses ~ [Quantum] Anime Glasses. No longer sold, so I’d be VERY sad if SL decided to eat them!
  6. The last thing you purchased in Second Life? !bang – carefree 
  7. What color clothing does your avatar wear most often? What I’m wearing above. I wear that nearly everyday. Mmm, but I guess black.
  8. Do you prefer to walk, run or fly? Run! ~ I tend to run in circles when I am bored, much to the annoyance of anyone around me.
  9. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in SL? Hmmmmm. Me and groups of friends have randomly teleported to random busy spots and started dancing in weird costumes… But otherwise, nothing!
  10. Who would you like to play YOU, in the movie of your SLife? Mara Wilson


Here’s my favorite song and stuff.