There’s No One as Beautiful as She

My what a guy, that Gaston! ~ Well hello again! Looks like I managed to do my Disney challenge on time this week, YAY for me! This was a challenge was a bit a easier, and a  lot of fun. Beauty and the bBeast is my movie, my favorite movie in the entire world, and Belle is my favorite princess, not to mention in OUAT, I love the twist with the Beauty and the Beast story more then the other ones on the show. So… Naturally I was excited to do this post, despite it being centered around GASTOOOOOOOOON. (Jerk!) But because it was Gaston, I got to mess with some fun colors and of course do a funny pose that really captures the way he acts. (Nobody is at great as GASTOOOOON) Anyway, this is my teen avatar, once again being active in Second Life, and this time I even bothered to change her hair color to match the character as opposed to when I did Ariel, where I just left her blonde… Shame on me, eh? Finding my outfit was just a matter of wondering around some shopping malls until something cute and red caught my eye, then trying to shove a none mesh yellow shirt under it, and of course the black pants and brown boots/belt combination. It only took me about 20 minutes, which is actually good, because when I did Peter Pan, that took me like 3 hours. Sheesh am I picky. Ah I am rambling, can you tell I am exhausted? So yeah, I’ll shut up now and and let you gaze at the ever wonderful Maki Sh- er Gaston.

She's Gaston

Hair: -LaViere- Sonia/Black

Blouse: Schadenfreude Yellow Oxford Shirt

Tank: Tee*fy Ana Slouchy Satin Tank  Chilli

Jeans: -tb- Juju Jeans – Black

Belt: -SG- Classic Belt & Braces Brown

Boots: (Shiny Things) Comfy Boots – brown

Necklace: PIDIDDLE – Cervidae Necklace

Mirror Prop: sbno – magic mirror prop (part of a pose set available at Limited50)

Shotgun: SciLab – Wooden Pump Shotgun 

I can’t NOT have this song posted on a Gaston related blog post.