I Am Me

Good afternoon everyone, I’ve decided to blog today and do this little meme that my fairy god mother, Rose put together (Information here!) – So I dug out my teen to represent me in Real Life… Or as close as I could get to it without having to look around and buy new things. Of course, mind – I’d never wear a short dress in real life, nor something so low cut, AND heels? HAH. Mostly my oufits consist of longer dresses that flare out with big belts, leggings, knee length slouchy boots, scarves, the works. Oh and sorry about the same pose, hair and jacket I used in the past month of blogging… I fail. Anyway, as I was saying, Rose’s blogger meme. Yep. Here it is.

1. What is the thing you fear most in the world above dying(that is if you fear death)?

  • Being stuck in this same damn place, doing the same damn thing everyday. I wanna go out and see the world, I wanna meet new people, explore and have adventures. I’m not sure I could live doing the same thing everyday, staying in the same place I was born.

2. When’s the last time you sat down and contemplated where your life was going, and what did you concluded from that?

  • I’ve been having many freak outs involving my life as of late, like mentioned above, I wanna get out and see the world, I wanna get out of Maine, but right now I am in a rut, hell I’ve not even gone to college yet, I just work at a news station. Something has to change soon, before I lose sight of my dreams.

3. If you could give any one person in the world a wish, a wish you knew you could grant, what would it be, and why would you give it to them?

  • I think my Mom deserves anything and everything I can give her. She is the world to me, but growing up, I never saw that and I admit, I was a bit bratty at times… But no so bad as my brother and sister who treat my mom pretty badly, and most of all, not like my jerk father who puts her down every chance he gets. My mom doesn’t have any friends, never leaves the house except to go to work and doesn’t have a FB because of him and I don’t wanna see her life wasted away because of a controlling man.

4. Cat, dog, rabbit, horse, chicken, dolphin? There are so many animals in the world, if you could be one, and had to think, act, be like one, with out human thoughts, emotions, perception of the world, which would you be, and why?

  • Dog. So I could be someones best friend and be there for someone when they needed it most. My dog was always there for me growing up and that feeling of companionship is the best in the world in my opinion.

5. Today is the last day you’ll ever see your family. Some you may love, some you may hate, other you may not have any emotional attachment to. What would you do?

  • I’d gather them in a cuddle pile on the couch and look at old family albums. We have SO many. I’d talk and laugh with my brother and sister about thegames we made up when we were little, like the mattress ones that use annoy our mom so much or laugh with my dad about the many video games we played together growing up.

6. Given the chance to travel to one country -ONLY – in your whole life, other than the one you’ve grown up in, or have found yourself living in (pretend you’ve gone to no other country in the world other than the one you now call home) where would it be? Why, and for how long?

  • New Zealand. No question about it. It’s gorgeous and it’s where all of the Lord of the Rings are done. I’d really wanna stay there as long as possible. It’s also one of the more peaceful laces on Earth.

7. Quick you have to pick 5 things to take with you as you are rushing out of the house- you don’t know what’s happening, where you’re going, whom is taking you where, or why, but you do know you can carry about 5 things, in the small bag you’ve given to take with you. What do you choose?

  • My small external hard drive with all my photos on it, my favorite book, my knife, my favorite cardigan, my camera (If there’s zombies, I am sure as hell gonna record it all)

8. You’re sitting in a dream, you can tell you’re dreaming, but you’re not awake enough to move. What do you see? Is anyone there? (be creative, make something up, or recall a dream you had before)

  • I’m watching myself fly a huge copper dragon, flying along a big metal airship, with several of my friends on board doing various things. It’s a nice sunny day and the only other things in site are the occasional floating island and some of my friends dragons are flying around the ship.

9. What color do you think you are?

  •  Yellow. Vibrant, fun, energetic, a need to keep going, to be with friends, to bring happiness to everyone around me.

10.  If when it came to blogging, if you blog, no one say your blogs, no one commented, no one noticed, no one cared, at all, would you keep blogging? 

  • Most of my years of blogging consisted of next to no one looking at my blog, mainly because I am a kid blogger, and who cares about kid avatars? So the answer is yes, I’d keep blogging, because it’s what I enjoy doing, I like to write, though I tend to not be very good at it, but it’s fun and let’s me express myself and my wacky personality.


Hair: [e] Caramel – Brown 08

Dress: -tb- Tank Dress – Black

Jacket: (TokiD) naoko jacket (jeans)

Shoes: ISON – miraya open-toe bootie (black)

Necklace: -tb- Beaded  Necklace (Black)

Here is my song. 😀