We Are Royal

Okay, I’ll admit it. I am stuck in a darn rut lately. I have no idea what to blog, I am yet again stuck on my DisneyBound challenge, I am trying to redo my last post because I was stupid and used the same pose that was used last week, AND hair AND jacket, and I am just blah blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. As I sat on my platform, struggling to think of what to make for Limited50 and attempting and failing to get the hang of Cinema4, I was talking to the lovely Kaitlyn Lyre, and she had recently suggested I make Mermaid poses for Toddleedoo’s (I’ve been making disney themed poses for all those toddleedoo’s out there recently) I LOVED the idea and she then pointed out a store on the marketplace that an adorable mermaid outfit straight out of the movie ‘The Little Mermaid’ – I may dislike being toddleedoo, but I can appreciate the cuteness of the clothes they get. As I went to buy that outfit so i could work on poses, I noticed that in the ‘items like this’ section they have at the bottom, they held several other princess outfits based on select Disney films. I, of course, being a giant Disney fan girl and lover of everything and anything disney, fell in love with them and decided right then and there to do a small blog post with a bunch of other girls, all dressed up in our royal finery. Yes I had to go toddleedoo yet again, but that’s okay, because once you see the cuteness, well, let’s just say it was worth it for this post. I’d like to thank the girls, Ryleigh, Sila, Evie, Kaitlyn, Nia and Candy for helping me and letting me pose them and dress them up in the lovely princess outfits, and I hope some of you toddleedoo’s check out the store LD Store next time you want to have a tea party!




From left to right!

Nia Liliana Kennedy Yuhara

Outfit: *LD* Aurora Baby Princess [TD/Yabu]

Hair: tram  B426 hair / brown&black

Kaitlyn Annalise Republic

Outfit: *LD* Cinderella [TD/Yabu]

Hair: [e] Wave: Red 05

Naraelina Avery Hart

Outfit: *LD* Beauty Baby Princess [TD/Yabu]

Hair: [e] Rumor – Red 05

Candy Mia Adare

Outfit: *LD* Snow White [TD/Yabu]

Hair: .ploom. Ava – Blonde

Sila Sky Adre

Outfit: *LD* Little Red Riding Hood Baby Princess  [TD/Yabu]

Hair: [e] Early – Brown 06

Evie Penelope Paige Kennedy

Outfit: *LD* Ariel [TD/Yabu]

Ryleigh Adalyn Paige Adare

Outfit: *LD* Little Mermaid Dress Baby Princess [TD/YABU]

Hair: [e] Only – Essentials Collection

I hope you enjoyed this random post of random. Here is a lovely song sang by all of the Disney Princesses