She’s the One Who Can Fill the World with Sunshine

When the raindrops come tumbling down, remember you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.  Gosh, it feels good to be my normal sized, Nara self again. I’ve been so wrapped up in doing dumb toddleedoo things and playing around on my teen, that I’ve not had time to actually be myself and it made me feel just a wee bit off all week.  But here I am! I had really wanted to DisneyBound on my little this week, but as I’ve mentioned before, finding clothes to fit me has become something of a challenge these days. Stores are slowly retiring their non-mesh items, and kid designers have all switched over to the toddleedoo’s, and right here in the middle, I sit here, with a select few other normal sized kids that are still holding strong (Isley, Durga and Mari, I’m looking at you guys!) This outfit, while it doesn’t look that amazing in my opinion. Maybe it’s the colors… The colors go so strangely together! Or maybe it’s me with black hair throwing it off… I’m fairly sure black hair doesn’t look good on any of my avatars (My teen on the Gaston post looked not good at all!) ~ So maybe I’ll stick with my normal hair color for upcoming posts, eh? Anyway, not much to say about this outfit. I spent forever scouring the marketplace for my skirt, shirt and turtleneck and then grabbed a cute pair of flats, threw on some tights and voila! I chose a short hairstyle as a reference to Mary Margaret/Snow from Once Upon a Time.


Turtleneck: Nyte’N’Day – Division Sweater

Blouse: [PO] The Granger Wrap Blouse

Skirt: /artilleri/ Carla circle skirt *yellow*

Flats: Karried Away Ballet Flats Red

Tights: *Inner Peace<3- RSDA Child Uniform (Former dance class tights)

Hair: [e] Shine – Black 04

Bow: -LaViere- Candy Bow (Red)

Here is one of my favorite music pieces from the show. It seriously makes me so happy. I’ll see you guys soon when I blog Bees Through The Seasons and the new meme Rose put up!