The Force is With Them

May the 4th be with you. *Ques the Star Wars sound effects* Yes, yes, I know. You are thinking “But Nara, it’s the 6th now.”  And I’m fully aware of that, but my PC decided to hate on me last week, and then I was stuck working insane shifts for the past four days and I REALLY wanted to do a Star Wars post to celebrate May the 4th, because I’m a huge Star Wars geek. So I decided, hey, why not just do it when I finally get back. So I did, and here it is. I’d like to give a holla to any other extreme Star Wars fans out there (Scarlet, I’m looking at you! Hi!) So yeah, to celebrate, I had Star Wars on the entire time I was getting ready for work. My boyfriend and his friends were gonna watch them all day (Lucky ducks) sadly for me, I was stuck at the soul sucking place that is known as work. I decided to dress up all of my avatars for this post, because why the heck not, it gave me a chance to hunt around and take fun photos. Though I was logged on SL 4 times (My PC hated me for that) I don’t advise that. I dressed my kid avatar, Naraelina as a Togruta (My favorite alien race on Star Wars, they are so pretty!). I wish I could of found something Star Warish for kids, but honestly, we all know that’s never gonna happen. My malt, Cohaku got to be a Jedi, though he looks so young and naive, doesn’t he? My adult, Evelyn got to be a Twi’lek slave because yeah, stereotypes! and my little teen avatar there at the end, Evangeline got to be a umm… officer. She looks so little compared to everyone, gosh.


the force is with her



Outfit: ::: Bare@Rose ::: Mistress Robe

Headpiece: Enigma Inc [Togruta Lekku]

Skin: Heartsick Skins: Deity : Lust : Au Naturel

Pose w/ Prop: Magnifique – Join The Dork Side (Single Poses)


Outfit: Kit Fisto Outfit 1.02 – The Robes Series – Marketplace

Hair: [-Buried-] Stan / +Dark Pack+

Prop: Magnifique – Join The Dork Side (Single Poses)


Outfit: Tanya ~LIGHT~ Camisk by Caverna Obscura (Tinted black)

Headpiece: iLogic – Comet Dust Head-Tails

Skin: Enigma Inc [Chiss Dark Nude]


Outfit: ::: Bare@Rose ::: Commander Lady

Hair: **Dura-Boy**26(Blonde)

Pose w/ Prop: ::eXpression:: Poses – Galactic Trooper