She Wrote a (Bad)Haiku


I admit, blogging has taken a back seat for awhile. It makes me terribly sad, but I’ve been so busy and just out of it! I’ve been in the same outfits all week. I so badly wanna do my DisneyBound challenges and work on this big blog post I have planned about the world of kid avatars, but I’m just sort of failing. I can’t seem to put together outfits for the life of me anymore. I still wanna do Rose’s blogger challenges too! So many things, so little time! I’ll snap to it eventually. I hope. Anywho, tonight I decided to do a simple post, doing Berry’s Haiku Meme. I SUCK at haiku’s though, so I basically just tossed a bunch of geeky sounding words and terms together to make one. I’m sorry for my failing at life and such… You’d think being awesome in English class would mean I’d be good at things like poetry or haiku’s. Wrong.  But yeah, so I also did a outfit for the post as well… I had stuck it on my kid avatar earlier this week, and it’s simple, and nothing really, just something comfortable, and basically what my real life self tends to wear a lot. I love me some colored jeans and geeky shirts…. Oh my gosh, fail post is fail, sorry again, I’m just not with it creatively lately.


Shirt: #Super Mesh Bros – Mesh Shirt – Flash
Jeans: Kyoot – Etienne Capris (Rouge)

Hair: *Dura-Boy23*(Brown)

Stickers: -Gigglebox- Heart Stickers

Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)

Here is the song of mah people. (Whovians, geeks, etc)