She’s Loving .Olive.

Whelp, helloooo everyone! I’m back from my wonderful trip to Boston where I went and geeked out at an Anime convention for 5 days and it was glorious. Now I’m on a week of crazy insane work shifts, so I am kinda all over the place. I wanted to do a blog post this morning though because my lovely fairy god mother, Rose who owns Olive just released her advertisements for her Arcade items. The Arcade is just under a week away and bloggers day is fast approaching (*flails happily because she is an Arcade blogger*) ~ This round looks so amazing and so many fun and geeky items too. .Olive. is no exception, Rose came out with a bunch of random items for her gatcha and I absolutely adore them, because I am random as heck, and I enjoy wacky things. She released them to her bloggers group, which I am also blessed to be apart of, so I decided to hop on and blog some of these amazingly fun items to show you guys that you NEED to go visit her gatcha once the Arcade opens.



She has all of the items pictured above, plus rezzable versions of each item for your decorating pleasure. The Superpoo hat comes in 4 different colors, the rare one being a shiny gold. There are also a few items not picture, like an adorable fort, a Superpoo car that you can ride and a few things that I’m sure you will all love. So get your wallets ready!