She’s Bad to the Bone

Hi again! Lookie, a non event or challenge related post. It’s a true miracle! But I’ve been wanting to show off my little outfit I put together on Naraelina. it’s been awhile since I really dressed her up. Mostly she runs around barefoot with a over sized shirt and cut off shorts, not to mention her mohawk. But the other day she got in TROUBLE with her Second Life family. Now some of you may have a slight idea about the family community in Second Life. I don’t roleplay all that much, I just happen to love my family and hang out with them. But when I do roleplay? Whelp, watch out, because I am the troublemaker. In my head, Naraelina is a rebellious and adventurous 8 year old who wants to be a superhero, a secret agent, and also an archaeologist like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft or the people from The Mummy. She’s often drags her poor little sister into her adventures too, much to the dismay of her parents. The other day, Naraelina learned that her family didn’t have a servant. So did did what any other smart person would do. She sawed off a bit of her sisters hair at breakfast so she could try and clone her and make a family servant. As you imagine, that did not go over well in the family. She had to apologize and then she was given a choice of punishments. Now in our family, w have creative ways of doing this. Nara’s were A. Get a long bath. B. Paint your room PINK. (Cries) C. Be Toddleedoo for two days. Immediately she chose to take a bath, much to amusement to everyone that a kid would actually choose to take a bath (No way was I have a pink room so don’t judge)  me) So as Nara took her bath, she was also told that part of her punishment was to let her sister cut her hair, and also that she had to wear a dress for a few days. Yes, a dress. You guys don’t know this since I blog with Nara in girly things a surprising amount, but she isn’t girly and hates dresses, the color pink and just ahhh, all that stuff. So clearly, she wasn’t happy. She stomped to her room and decided to throw this look together. if she had had to wear a dress for a few days then it’d be her style, and there is nothing her parents can do about it (Insert evil laughter here) So without further ado, I present my Nara outfit of the week. Also I just noticed I wrote all of that in third person for reasons I do not know. I apologize.


Shes bad


Dress: the kid company. easy dress.

Leggings: Izzie’s – Sheer Tights (Colors) – Purple

Boots: [monso] My Combat Ankle Boots – Black

Watch: #9 *katat0nik* (black) Nada Watch

Hair: !lamb. DIY Haircut – Rotten Carrot

Bow: Magika // Kawaii Bow

Bag: Gritty Kitty: HOOT Bag Multicolored

Necklace: -tres blah- Beaded Necklace (Red)

This song is about kids rebelling. From the amazing musical Matilda. I figured it fits the post. Plus, my Broadway kick.