She’s Been Out in the Sun

Happy Wednesday everyone! You guys are lucky, I’m actually doing more then one post today, to make up for lack of posts, plus I wanna do a post that isn’t event/meme related, which I’ve not actually done for months. This post however is for the SL Fashion Week, which I talked about a few posts ago. This weeks items were definitely not my usual style (Er… I’m not even sure if I have a style?) but I still managed to throw something together that was pretty good looking if I do say so myself. I actually based this look off a real life friend, who was always so tan… like she went tanning, and she was blonde, but at the same time she wore punk clothing and such. Be who you wanna be I guess! But yeah, tan skin on my avatar, this is something that hasn’t happened in well over 6 years in Second Life. I always go for pale, kinda pale, or fair. But it goes well with the blonde color I usually wear on this avatar. Now I need to work on more Disney posts, work on a new movie poster with my other avatar and shut my poor avatar inside so she can be pale again.


SL Fashion Week Blog






Sweater: Beusy: Baggy Sweaters. midnight – SL FASION WEEK

Skirt: Tee*fy Basics HighWaist Short Denim Skirt   Black

Boots: (fd) Bossy Boots – Plain Pink – THE ARCADE

Hair: !lamb. Ruby (Mesh) – Honeycomb

Sunglasses: HOC Industries – Goto Glasses

Clutch: sixboi’s sonner clutch (dbpw) – SL FASION WEEK

Skin: FAKE :: Iris Skin – Caramel – CL Blond CatEye – SL FASION WEEK

Necklace: .mala. – bulletproof necklace *black – SL FASION WEEK

Earrings: .mala. – bulletproof earrings *black – SL FASION WEEK

I’m totally on a Broadway kick this week because I watched the Tony’s. So here’s one of the songs that won’t leave my head.