They are Excited

IT’S OFFICIALLY SUMMER, WOOHOO! SUMMER! And boy did it start off with a bang! I mean that quite literally, because it was thundering and lightning ALL night! Scary stuff man. Anywho, I realized that while I did a post over at It’s Only Fashion about the lovely Summerfest that’s going on right now, that I neglected to do my own personal Summerfest post. So I whipped  anice one together just for you all, even though I know everyone must of gone by now and bought everything ever (Why wouldn’t you, it’s all awesome!) but hey, I DO WHAT I WANT. The Summerfest is a 2 week long event that has 40 0f SL’s finest designers, and currently we’re at the 1 week mark, with 1 week to go. It’s held on an utterly adorable beach sim. And yeah. Stuff and things. I have nothing else to say ahha. I’m tired, I been busy, camp is soon, woohoo. I’d also like to thank my lovely Nana, Honey Dragovar for doing this with me.




On Evangeline

Bathing Suit: *BOOM* Hampton Bikini (cherry) – SUMMERFEST’13

Sunglasses: Noodles – Tegan Sunglasses White – SUMMERFEST’13

Hair: eep . hair 014 . blondes – SUMMERFEST’13

Bracelet: Noodles – Button Cord Bracelet Brown – SUMMERFEST’13

Pose: Olive Juice– Hip Hop Horray from Olive Juice- Summer Beats Pack – SUMMERFEST’13

On Nara

Bathing Suit: :*BP*: BEACH GIRL 2 +:* BABYPRINCESS *:+ (M2)

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ PHaley Mesh Hair – Reds Pack – FAMESHED

Glasses: Noodles – Tegan Sunglasses Black – SUMMERFEST’13

Floaties: <:*BoOgErS*:> Water Wings Green – SUMMERFEST’13

Ice Cream: flowey/ kiwi pop!  – SUMMERFEST’13

Bracelets: Noodles – Button Cord Bracelet Black – SUMMERFEST’13

On Honey

Tank: Tee*fy – Lenka Bralet – Red Dot – SUMMERFEST’13

Shorts: tulip. – Vintage Flag Cut-Offs – Classic – SUMMERFEST’13

Hair: D!va – Mimi – Red Amber – COLLABOR88