She is Proud

Hello, hi, yes, I am alive. I’ve been on a sort of Second Life/blogging/photo hiatus, trying to focus on my crazy, stressful real life. I have so many unfinished drafts in my post area for my blog, it’s not even funny. I’m so shameful, gosh. I really wanted to talk about Camp Hardknock, Relay for Life, Hair Fair, and so many other things I missed. In a way, this post does sort of address the Hair Fair I guess, so maybe that counts? But yeah, today I wanted to talk about the store ‘.Olive.’  and the recent branching out into hair that the owner, Rose has been doing. Why you ask? Well there are many reasons. Olive is an amazingly amazing store, Rose is an amazingly amazing person, not to mention super talented. She’s also someone very dear to me, and quite honestly I am so proud of her and the things shes managed to accomplish with her store in just the past year. She’s made everything you can think of, from interior design items, to fun poses or fun props, tons of fun jewelry, an adorable skybox and now she’s even taken that big step into hair. She’s always looking to try new things, to take a step outside the box and be creative, and always working as hard as she can (Her sleeping schedule is awful!) Basically I just wanted to take the time to blog about her new hair available now at the Hair Fair and the Boutique and tell everyone how proud I am of her and how you should really go buy all of her things here.



1. .Olive. the Anya Tasty Pastel – Mint – HAIR FAIR 2013

2. .Olive. the Elisa Oi Ombre – 07 – HAIR FAIR 2013

3. .Olive. the Isley Buns Oi Ombre –  05 – HAIR FAIR 2013

4. .Olive. the Sa-fari-sha Oi Ombre – 02 – THE BOUTIQUE

5.  .Olive. the W.F.K. Mohawk for the Win Colooors –  Red – HAIR FAIR 2013

Shirt: =krautuve= loose rolled up tshirt -antler lady-

Necklace/Earrings:  .Olive. the Dream of You Catcher Set

Thank you for being you Rose, and thank you for being my fairy godmother.