She’s Seen an Elephant Fly

Hello again from my little corner of hiatus and such. I have been missing blogging and taking pictures so much lately, but everytime I do try to go on Second life, I log back off all like “NOPE!” I’m not sure why though! I was on for a bit this morning and I was reading Natalee’s new DisneyBound she posted last night, the Tangled themed one and it made me really want to try and catch up on my DisneyBound posts. But that’s pretty much impossible at this point, so I decided to go through the themes she has done so far and pick out a few to do. I’ve skipped around a bit, so until I somehow catch up, I’m gonna be doing random ones in a random order. I decided today, to do Dumbo, because for some reason I was inspired to do Dumbo. I’ve never actually SEEN Dumbo, it’s the only Disney movie I have never seen, and I’m not sure why either, I just never saw it. But I had just gotten a gray shirt, so I decided, HEY, let’s do Dumbo today! So, tada, this is my Dumbo post with my rambling writing and my not making sense. Oh, also make sure you all go check out BEETLEBONES and look at all the pretty new releases. That’s where my gray top came from that inspired me for this post.


Shirt: ::Beetlebones:: Delphine Sleeveless Top GREY

Pants: {mon tissu} Bloomsbury Trousers ~ Honey

Bag: (fasionably dead) Heart Purse – Red

Shoes: ::Beetlebones:: Lazy Sunday Sneakers (GREY)

Hair: !lamb. Blue Monday (Mesh) – Honeycomb

Earrings: undefined lilies – elephantastic earrings (06)

Necklace: undefined lilies – elephantastic (06)