She Challenges You

Happy Tuesday everyone! Don’t you just love Tuesday? It’s almost like it’s a second Monday isn’t it? Isn’t that absolutely delightful? Jokes aside, if your having post monday blues on this Tuesday, then I have something fun for you to do! I’ve come up with my very own blogging/photography challenge/meme thingy for everyone to try! Know you guys know how much I love doing blogging/photography challenges, as I am always doing Strawberry’s or DisneyBound (Or was… haha) and today during work I came up with an idea for my next photography project and I loved it so much and thought HEY what if I made it a challenge for others to try out? Now I’m not sure if anyone else has done this sort of challenge and if so I deeply apologize, because I fail at noticing things and I’m not trying to copycat! But this is inspired my a meme/challenge thingy I see a lot over at deviantArt for artists. Basically they take an old drawing of theirs from years and years ago and redraw it to show how much they’ve improved, how much their style has improved, and all of that fun stuff. The challenge is this. Go look at your flickr, your SL photo folder, your computer files and fine an old SL photo that you edited. It can be one that you did years ago and thought it was AMAZING back when you first did it, it can be a fun friend photo, a self portrait, even a blog image, anything you want. But take that image and recreate it again in SL. It doesn’t have to be exact and you don’t have to look the same or even use the same avatars. You may want to find similar clothes, hair, especially if the picture is pre-mesh, then you can show off mesh clothes instead of the old prim things you were wearing (Am I making sense? I know I’m rambling) After you are done, show off your newfound/improved editing skills and then upload the photo with a link to the old or, or upload them together or reupload the old one along with the new and feel free to talk about the photos, tell people when it was originally taken, with her, what’s the story behind it? So yes, this is my challenge, I hope I explained it well! Make sure you comment with a link to yours! In the mean time, here is my lovely version.


Haylee and Nara - Hogwarts



This was really fun to recreate for me. I originally took this just about two years ago with Hogwarts: Your Story was first starting I believe. it was a pretty big deal at the time, especially for me, one of the biggest Harry Potter geeks ever. It was also a chance for me to really get into roleplaying and get better at it, since around that time I also started playing Dungeons and Dragons in real life, and I was having a hard time roleplaying. I signed Naraelina, my child avatar, up right away, and my sister at the time, Haylee Haven was also going with me (Surprise, she is the red head in the photo and I’m the brown haired one with NOT ROUND GLASSES *gasp*) We went for about a few weeks, before my shyness got the better of me and I just sort of stopped going. I was very disappointed in myself of course, but what can you do, eh? But yeah, this photo was taken a week before it started, at a random railroad. At the time, i thought it was the best picture ever (Clearly I had no idea what I was talking about ahha) so today when I was going through my old photos, I decided to recreate this one, and also I’ve been in super Harry Potter mood lately, so that helps too. This time around, since Haylee doesn’t really play SL anymore, I grabbed my PIC (Partner in Crime) to come pose with me and look all pretty. I chose my teen RP avatar, Maki Shippe for the photo because she goes to Hogwarts (I use the term ‘go’ loosely, as I am still to shy and I’ve only been a few times… But hey she is still enrolled, so it counts!) This time around, I actually had a Platform 9 3/4 to take a picture at, and more fun props. I’m pretty happy with how it came out!