She’s a Wizard

As many of my friends can probably guess, I am so super excited and happy about Fateplay’s newest release. Specifically though, the Hogwarts uniforms. (Not saying that Sailor Moon related things are not awesome or anything) These uniforms are pretty much spot on with the only problems I see is the Hufflepuff color being a bit off, but I digress. The fact the the creator made kid sizes has made me amazingly happy, because now not only can my RP character have one, but my kid avatar can now prance around in her Hogwarts uniform all the time. The uniform is available for every house, and there are also gray and black versions. Each uniform, male and female come with a few varients of the uniform. You can wear the cardigan, or you can wear the cardigan with your shirt tails hanging out or you can wear a robe. All amazingly detailed and really nicely made. I highly suggest any Harry Potter enthusiast, harry Potter roleplayer and just any kind of geek go pick this up. You will not be disappointed. For this blog post, I gathered my Harry Potter/blog avatar, Evangeline/Maki, my little kid avatar, Naraelina and two of my dear friends, Eric and Spencer. You probably wouldn’t guess it, but Evangeline (the blonde) is actually suppose to be 16… I never noticed how tiny she was until this photo shoot… Also I hate the hair now that I’ve edited the photo.


Harry Potter



On Spencer

Hair: Exile – Dustin Hair in Pecan

Uniform: Fateplay – Henry Gryffindor Black

Glasses: Reek – Augie Glasses

Shoes: Redgrave – Elegance Shoes in Black

Magazine: Oh! Darling Quibber – Made by me but not sold! IM Maki Shippe if you are interested.

On Naraelina

Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Mimi” (Red amber)

Uniform: FATEplay – Jenny – Hufflepuff Black

Shoes: *Edelweiss* School Loafer

Socks: Lark – Cozy Socks  (Black) RARE

Bag: *Edelweiss* School Bag – classic

Camera: Tee*fy – Vintage Brownie Camera : Black

On Evangeline

Hair: !lamb. Addict – Bimbo Blondes Pack

Uniform: FATEplay – Jenny – Hufflepuff Black

Socks: *Edelweiss* School-Line Socks

Shoes: *Edelweiss* School Loafer

Glasses: Intrigue Co. – Purple Kaleidospecs

Books: [QQG] Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them – Available at Mischief Managed

On Eric

Hair: *Dura-Boy*42(Dark Brown)

Uniform: FATEplay – Henry – Ravenclaw Black

Shoes: ISPACHI [Mason Brogues]

Glasses:  K_gs Forgen – Kumaki