If you’ve managed to decipher my blog title, then you’ve figured out that this is my super happy fun time Arcade blog post of the round.  As I’m sure everyone around the grid knows, The Arcade starts Sunday, September 1st at midnight… And it’s not just any old Arcade this time either. Nope, this round marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SINCE IT STARTED! *throws confetti and cake everywhere* In just the past year, The Arcade has become one of the most popular events to ever hit the virtual world of Second Life. Filled with amazingly talented creators who work their butts off every round to provide us with some of most detailed and creative items seen, we continue to see new and original things every round. I’m fairly sure that me and everyone else says this every round, but it does seem to get better and better with every round. So I ask you all a question. What is your favorite Arcade item from ANY of the Arcade rounds? Is it one of the many adorable plushies that Intrigue has been treating us with the past year? The Ohmai Piglets?  The Disney themed charms and bows from Noodles? Maybe the geeky pet rocks from Olive? If you think about it, I bet it’s really hard for a lot of you to pick. Personally, mine would have to be the Piglets from Ohmai, specifically the Harry Potter and Doctor Who themed ones… though there are a lot of things this round that I love beyond love (ROSE, I’M LOOKING AT YOU, YOUR BAGS ARE AMAZING.) This round has so many Doctor Who themed items too, that I just… I can’t even with. I want, no, I NEED them all. I need the bunny ears from Half Deer, I need all of the glasses ever from Flowey, I need the charms from Noodles. Need need need and more need. And I know I’m not alone in this huge want and need of these and more items. So everyone, start your engines, sell your kids, maybe even your grand kids if you got them, empty out the piggy banks, scourer the couch cushions, tell your significant other that you love them and prepare yourself, because The Arcade is just less then 24 hours away., and it’s gonna be a good one.

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The Arcade

Shirt: GATO – Mouse Tee

Jeans: (TokiDoki) jeans sorry mom (light wash)

Flats: +ILO+ Ballet Flats (01 – white) – The Arcade

Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Giz” (Type A)((Black amber) – The Arcade

Ears: +Half-Deer+ Velven Bunny Ears (Origami) RAREThe Arcade

Nail Polish: -tres blah- Nail Polish (set of 20 colors) – Red

Necklace: *katat0nik* (clown kitty) Radio Necklace – The Arcade

Backpack: .Olive. the Carry Me BackiePacks – Handy Mousie Ears [F] [RARE] – The Arcade

Bracelets: Noodles – CHK Friendship Night Charm Bracelet, *F.A.L* .::Friendship Bracelette::. (CHK 2013 – MINDY), *F.A.L* .::Friendship Bracelette::. (CHK Summer 2013) Kaity, *F.A.L* .::Friendship Bracelette::. (CHK S. 2013 Tristan), *F.A.L* .::Friendship Bracelette::. (Eric), Noodles – CHK Vinyl Wristband Cabin 4, MG – Bangles – Love Heart Bangle, Knick Knacks – Pop! Culture Bracelets – ALLONS-Y!, Knick Knacks – Pop! Culture Bracelets – BOW TIES R COOL (Rare), Noodles – Button Cord Bracelet Black

Props (From Left to Right!):

[*Art Dummy!] slumber. (bed-wood chevron)

.:: ONE GRID ::. Buffet Book Shelf

-tres blah- Bon Voyage – Stacked Suitcases, -tres blah- Bon Voyage – Folded Clothes, -tres blah- Bon Voyage – Stacked Treasures RARE

{vespertine– apple juice basket}

*bbqq*-silhouette lamp-boy

:pesca: canvas and leather backpack/plane4

Miamai_TCS_Unicorn Star RARE

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Toffee the Dachshund, Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Maisy the Yorkie, Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Saki the Shiba Inu, Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Otis the Pug, Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Junior the Boston Terrier

flowey for Stories & Co. / Meowculars – Meow Meow RARE

*MishMish* Chipmunk – Wizard Fan

[AUX] Gacha_Purrrfect Headband – Black

Sway’s WallArt [quote] dream

O.M.E.N. – Fairytales – Peter & Hook – Dome, O.M.E.N. – Fairytales – Little Mermaid – Musical Pipe (Still in their boxes because the boxes are adorable)

Schadenfreude Chibi Cat: Lissy, Schadenfreude Chibi Cat: Percival

Intrigue Co. – Novelty Nightlights: Police Box

*Second Spaces* craft room – paints, *Second Spaces* craft room – punches

Lark – Imaginarium Librarium Butterfly

(Matt) Pwnie Standing ~silentsparrow~ RARE, (Rusty) Pwnie Standing ~silentsparrow~

*~*HopScotch*~* Delete, *~*HopScotch*~* Lonely Assasin

floorplan. record player / red

BALACLAVA!! Little Red Toys – ROBO Blu

B.C.C I love toast Backpacks-Toast Travel Bag R [pose] RARE

After a long day of shopping around The Arcade, Natalee, Nara and Rose collapse, exhausted on a bed and throw their things on the ground, happy that they are done spending all their money.

                          The Arcade 2

Now have some Queen to get you pumped for tonight.