They Love Who They Are

So I’m putting together this blog post to talk about being a big kid in a little kids world on my little, Naraelina Ordinary and I’ve dragged fellow big kid and photographer, Marianne McCann along with me to answer some questions to sort of show you guys what it’s like to be one of the rare few big kids left.

1. Why remain a big kid while everyone else is changing to toddleedoo?

Marianne:  Well, I guess first off is that I’ve been in SL now for more than 7 years, and — much like how you’ll find real oldbies still rocking that horrible, putty like skin and system hair — I’m attached to my avatar. This has been the me I’ve put forth in Second Life™ since 2007.

Also, I’m RPing at 8 1/2 years old. I’d be too big for a Toddleedoo, and even while you can stretch a Toddleedoo kid to nearly my size, it doesn’t scale all that well. This really is the best overall option for a kid of my age, in my opinion.

Naraelina: I like my system clothing and prim clothing that I’ve collected over the many years I’ve been around Second Life, and I basically love being eight years old. I am fully aware, as people have pointed out, that toddleedoo’s can go pretty tall, and maybe you could pass as eight (That’s a big maybe), but it’s just not the same. Plus I get to wear mesh hair and and wear other select mesh things that fit me, wheres others can’t.

2. What are some of the challenges of being a big kid now?

Marianne: Clothing is a major pain. Anyone making kid clothing is making it for Toddleedoos, and not kid avatars. Meanwhile adult clothing makers are making outfits in “standard sizes,” none of which allow for a flatter chest of narrower hips as one might see on a child. You end up with some very slight options in attire as a result.

The funny thing: I think that if there was high-quality mesh attire made for “older kids,” there would be a market for it. Not just T-shirts created on a small handful of mesh templates, but “real” clothing: nice dresses, good skirts, coats, etc.

On top of that RP options are somewhat limited. Although I doubt it is anyone’s intent, bigger kids and Toddleedoos don’t seem to mix well. More than this, it makes group events a lot more complex. It’s something I could see a bit from other kids at Camp HardKnock — though I have to make it clear that the staff and directors of Camp HardKnock did their very best to try to make things great for everyone. I worry about the same at SL™ schools or what not that I’ll get to be the”big kid” in a class full of kids who might otherwise be a bit small for Elementary School in a real-world view.

Naraelina: Finding clothes. There are a few select stores that still design big kids clothing and even fewer templates out there for us. It’s hard now that mesh is a big thing, because all the adult stores I use to love, can no longer fit on me. Also feeling like a giant at the kid events. it’s always a bit weird to see a sea of tiny toddlers, then there’s me, standing awkwardly off to the side. Lastly, it’s the feeling of being left out. All of my friends are toddleedoo, and I always feel a bit weird standing there with them and when we take pictures it’s very awkward, and the pictures always look off.

3. What is your favorite kid’s store that sells kid clothing for big kids?

Marianne: I have a couple: first, I’d have to say Bop!, though I do wish they would release more. I’m also a big fan of Loki Eliot’s clothing and Soken Kids for their mesh separates.

Naraelina: Loki’s of course! They are the only store that fits me really well, and I wear it most of the time. Luckily I’m a pretty boyish girl who likes geeky things, so often times the clothing works for me.

4. What is your favorite adult store that still sells system clothes that fit big kids or has small enough mesh sizes that fit?

Marianne: I’ve loved for this, but lately they seem to have changed their smaller sizes, making for a larger chest on them. I am also indebted to Damien Fate for doing a Hogwart’s uniform that fits kids like me — and his skirt in that uniform is very useful in other outfits.

Naraelina: I liked u.f.o for a bit, they made pretty small sizes that fit a lot of us kid avatars… though recently they have stopped making those sizes, so it’s no longer possible. I’d have to say, I wear a lot of things from DPYumYum/itutu still, that place never gets old. Also, Edelweiss makes some of their mesh items small enough that they can fit us, and they have some cute items. And FATeplay just released a Hogwarts uniform that has a kids size included, which has been pretty amazing for us to have.

5. Unpopular opinion time! What is your biggest pet peeve with the whole big kids and toddleedoo situation?

Marianne: My, this will be unpopular, but I don’t think it should be.

I have tended to note that anytime this so-called “kids vs toddleedoo” issue comes up, people are offended. When I speak about the difficulties I have faced, or my feelings, understand that I am *not* saying that you need to change from something you enjoy because it limits me. We are all here to have fun and enjoy a great Second Life™.

At the same time, I have heard way, way too many times about how I am somehow “outdated” by my choice to not be a Toddleedoo, or that all my issues would be solved if I just became one. We’re a small enough community as it is without feeling the need to ostracize people, force them to change who they are, or otherwise treat anyone here as being “lesser” than any other. We need to respect each other for who we are.

Naraelina: For me, I’d have to say it’s when people tell me to go toddleedoo when I comment about having a hard time finding a good outfit to wear, or whenever people just try to get me to go toddleedoo in general. Yes, I am complaining about lack of clothes for big kids, but that’s allowed, right? I’ve seen people complain about lack of cute toddleedoo clothing before (Which I don’t even understand. Most stores I’ve seen are amazingly adorable) and no one gets mad at them.I just want people to understand that I am who I am.

I choose to be a big kid because I like it, I prefer it. I don’t have ANYTHING against toddleedoo’s, and I think they are adorable for the most part, they are just not for me.

I like being eight years old, I like wearing my old system clothing and prim clothing that I’ve collected from numerous adult clothing stores over the years, I like my height, and being able to wear mesh hair, I like my avatar, it’s me and I don’t want people to keep trying to change me.


On Naraelina

Shirt: Loki Mesh V3 Tshirt – Strawberrys & Cream

Pants: Loki Mesh V3Jeans – Brown

Shoes: PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2

Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Tina” (Red amber) – Collabor88

Ears: +Half-Deer+ Velven Bunny Ears (Pearly) – The Arcade

Necklace: Noodles – The Captain’s Hand Necklace RARE – The Arcade

Bag: .Olive. the Carry Me BackiePacks – Mr. Bun Bun [Female] [RARE] – The Arcade

On Marianne

Dress: bop! Overall Dress – Autumn Love

Socks: Reek – Slide Socks – Gray Stripes (Unavailable)
Shoes: DECO – MESH Hurricane Bolt Sneakers – The Arcade – Previous

Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat – Jane Hair – Brown Obsession

Bracelet: *BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelt (Love) – The Arcade – Previous

Necklace: .Olive. the Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace – M – The Arcade – Previous

Bag: ~Tableau Vivant~ Backpack – Floral Blue – The Arcade – Previous

Button: Sway’s PinButton [Fun] Smiley 😛

Tattoo: .Olive. Afternoon Doodle Knee Tattoo – o u o