She’s Gonna Have a Great 2014

I had spent the evening at work on New Years Eve, writing up a blog post to post when I got home. But I never got around to it, opting instead to have my first ever drink and waste the night on video games. Going back later and rereading the post, I realized that it was a bit negative. I had written about how awful 2013 was and all the badness that I experienced and on and on, only mentioning the good things a few times. But I don’t want to start off 2014 by complaining about 2013, that’s just not pleasant ya’know? So I trashed the post and started this one instead. I want 2014 to be an amazing year, as does everyone and I’m gonna try my darnedest to make it so. I wanna make better habits for myself, improve my photography, be a better student, a better worker. I wanna learn lots of new things! I wanna experience lots of new things! I’m not just gonna sit around and be lazy thing year, I am gonna do these things and more and I’m gonna have fun doing them all, no matter how discouraged I’ll get, I’m not gonna give up. So, everyone I hope you have the best 2014 you can possibly have, and don’t give up at achieving your own happiness, no matter what life throws at you.


Make it So

Outfit: Mikunch     Top&Bottoms My Favorite Style1125

Shoes: [monso] My Combat Ankle Boots – Black

Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Prairie

Headband: (Milk Motion) Mouse hair band – black

Bracelets: ASO!AlphabetBrace(N)Silver and *BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelet (two beat as one bottom)

Bag: .Olive. the Mocchiilla Bag – Soild White

Camera: Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera Shoulder Black

Pose: flowey/ Advanced Tea Drinkers #2

Special thanks to Mari for finding a new store that has mesh that fits kids!