She’s a Rebel Spy

Hello everyone! It’s been a VERY long time, yes, I know and for that I apologize! But recently I found that Second Life just isn’t as fun anymore, so I decided to do the wise thing and take a break! It’s been a few months now since I actually played! During that time I’ve been finishing up my first year of college, attending conventions and… GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! Years of dreaming since I was 4 years old finally came true at the age of 21 and I couldn’t of been more happier. I spent 10 whole days, missing a lot of finals (YOLO amiright? No? Forget I ever said that) and getting sunburnt and freckled while enjoying the wonderful world of Disney. The title of this post is based around a part of my trip actually. During the amazing Star Tours ride which I totally didn’t ride 10 times in a row or anything, I was the chosen as the rebel spy. Me being a Star Wars supreme geek (Don’t believe me? Shall I show you pictures of my room?) this made me amazingly happy and my cousin who is also an adorable little Star Wars geek in the making was freaking out because of it. At the end of the ride I bought a shirt that said “I’m the Rebel Spy”. Fast forward a few days and it’s STAR WARS WEEKEND! MAY THE FOURTH! GUYS MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!  I decided to hop on Second Life and put together a look just for this day. You are probably saying “But it’s the 7th? Are you crazy?” to which I reply NO… just lazy!



On Nara

Skin: [Gauze] Ametysts – Lilac

Lekku: Skindustrial Bodyworks – Rigged Mesh Hybrid Lekku (Light Grey)

Outfit: *Edelweiss* Cutie – gray

Headband: [Infamous] BlL FF Lekku CPP3 (I edited the headband and twi’lek ears off of this one and wore it with my mesh ones)

On Maki

Skin: [Gauze] Ametysts – Lilac

Lekku: Skindustrial Bodyworks – Rigged Mesh Hybrid Lekku (Light Grey)

Outfit: Rothana Engineering Corporation [ ME ] Black Ops Light Operations Gear

Headband: [Infamous] BlL FF Lekku CPP3