They Live in a World of Imagination

Greetings everyone! I’m guessing you all know what’s happening today in the virtual world eh?! If you somehow don’t know, then let me tell you… it’s… ready for it? It’s… ARCADE TIME YET AGAIN! Yes, yes, as I type this, people are crowing around the Arcade sim, desperate to get in and spend their hard earned linden. Usually I’ would of thrown everything on to my blogging studio and blogged it, but this year, I’ve really just been taking pictures and decorating. So instead I’m gonna do my Arcade coverage in three separate posts. One with my child avatar, Naraelina (with the help of some lovely people), another with my adult avatar, Tallulah and lastly an post centered around exterior/interior things that you’ll find in the Arcade this round (of which there is a lot) ~ So without further ado, here is my post!


Now Kiss!

The first image I did this round was with the BoOgErS bears, because honestly, they always give me great ideas for photos. When I saw the Jon Snow and Daenerys bear, I was of course, super excited. After much thought, I knew what I had to do with this rounds bear themed picture. These two are among my favorite characters from the show and I sort of really want them to be together on screen. (I’m still reading the books, so don’t yell at me!) So yeah, the meme “NOW KISS” came to mind as I was setting up and posing myself, so this is what I ended up with. Shout out to the crying bear that’s about to be eaten in the background. Hopefully Daryl bear turns around and saves him on time, or maybe the Doctor will do some wibbly woobly timey whimey stuff!

Shirt: Loki Mesh V3 Tshirt – Dragon Rider

Pants: Loki Mesh V3Jeans – Purple

Hat: *Epic* Tank Girlie Helmet w/Goggles {Neko}

Hair: tram  D427 hair / maroon&darksalmon

Glasses: (Yummy) Cat Eye Readers – Black

Bears: <:*BoOgErS*:> Bears – The Arcade


Next up, I dragged the lovely Flo into my tree house for this lovely picture. Loosely inspired by my little sister who use to do anything and everything possible to be just like me when she was a little girl since I’m a full 8 years older then her. I wanted to have Flo crammed up in Nara’s tiny tree house looking very bored and texting her friends while still sort of playing with Nara, who is more then a little excited to spend time with her. I honestly had way to much fun decorating this little area. ALL OF THE TOYS!

On Nara

Shirt: Loki Mesh V3 Tshirt – Strawberrys & Cream

Pants: Loki Mesh V3Jeans – Purple

Hair: Exile::London to L.A: 10. Wildcards  – The Arcade

Glasses: *katat0nik* (bunny) Sunglasses – The Arcade

Ring: (Yummy) Ladybug Ring – Red – The Arcade

Watch: [Motivaction Store] Springtime Watch/ULTRA RARE – The Arcade

On Flo

Hair: – Analog Dog Bree in Splash

Piercing: flowey for Stories&Co. / Moon Booger – Rose Gold

Top: Emery Crop Top Floral Bev

Leggings: Maitreya Panel Leggins V1 Charcoal

Shoes: (fd) Sneakers – 25 Metallic Gold – The Arcade

Bag: Tee*fy The Unusal Bags – Toaster Sunshine – The Arcade

Props: {theosophy} Alpaca – Lilacpaca, Emopaca & Manpaca – The Arcade

.tsg. Keitai Smart Phone – Beary-San Lavender – The Arcade


Rug: Kalopsia – Cloud Rug – The Arcade

Record Player: {vespertine-record player/sky}copy – The Arcade

Sleeping Bag: .S&S. Sleeping Bag – Donuts – The Arcade

Picnic Basket: B.C.C Roly Poly picnic Basket Happy Picnic F – The Arcade

Food: {vespertine– fruit treats}copy – The Arcade

VCO – Happy summer picnic ( White milk) – The Arcade

Toys: ~silentsparrow~ Oddity – Dragon Plush – The Arcade

~silentsparrow~ Celery – Dragon Plush  – The Arcade

~silentsparrow~ Magic – Dragon Plush RARE – The Arcade

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Cork the Capybara – The Arcade

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Hobbes the Margay – RARE – The Arcade

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Meme the Monarch Butterfly – The Arcade

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Kiwi the Chameleon – The Arcade

Intrigue Co. – Cubimals Series 2: Senor Funpickle – The Arcade

Intrigue Co. – Cubimals Series 2: Butler – The Arcade

<:*BoOgErS*:> Bearleesi RARE – The Arcade

!Ohmai: Lady Bug Fairy [Companion] – The Arcade

Birdy – [Alchemy] Story Book – Unicorn – Pink – The Arcade

[VN]QTBot – Clank – Teal – The Arcade

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Scarlet the Macaw – The Arcade

Kalopsia – Bunny Dominos – The Arcade

.S&S. Can Phone – The Arcade

Wall Hangings: [Imeka} Summer Garland – The Arcade

junk. wannabe boho. wall hanging. purple. – The Arcade

Toybox: Oh la la! :: Toy Box :: Color – The Arcade

Backpack: *BOOM* My Best Friend Backpack – BUNNY – cream – The Arcade

Mobile: Oh la la! :: Bunny Mobile :: – The Arcade

Banjo: Zigana . banjo . peace – The Arcade

Tree house: .S&S. Tree House RARE – The Arcade

They Live in a World of ImaginationI was going through some of my Arcade stuff, and I realized there was a lot of cutesy items. So of course, I had the urge to do a cutesy post. Problem is, I’m not exactly a… I don’t wear pink. So I went to my friends list to message the cutest more pink person I know! GWINNY, my god sister! With her help and inspiration, I was able to get this post together, absolutely full of pink and cute! Honestly, I spent a good 15 minutes trying to find something pink in my inventory, only to find that I really had nothing. So I had to go and buy something pink. Boy was that weird.


On Gwinny

Outfit: .The Blossom. Birdy Barn overall BABY

Glasses: BALACLAVA!! Kal Glasses (Pink)

 Props: *MishMish* Traveler Kitty – RARE – The Arcade

Birdy[Alchemy] Story Book – Pigaroo – Pink – The Arcade

Birdy [Alchemy] Story Book – Unicorn – Rainbow – RARE – The Arcade

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Sakura Hair/TRUTH HAIR Sushi – The Arcade

On Nara

Backpack: *BOOM* My Best Friend Backpack – BUNNY – cream – The Arcade

Watch: [M] Springtime Watch/ULTRA RARE – The Arcade

Sunglasses: *katat0nik* (bunny) Sunglasses – The Arcade

Ice Cream: *katat0nik* (bunny) Ice Cream Bar – The Arcade

Octopus Hat: +Half-Deer+ Summer Delights – Greedopus (tex change) RARE – The Arcade

Hair: .Olive. the Eilfie Hair – Lil Carrot Reds – The Arcade

Bear: <:*BoOgErS*:> Wear-A-Bear Hug Lt Brown – The Arcade

Ears/Tail: .a. Ears/Tail – Wolf – Cute /Light/ – The Arcade

Overalls: Loki Mesh – Bibs – PrettyPink

Shoes: erratic / summer – flip-flops / cow – The Arcade

Props: Schadenfreude Basic Piggie Wiggie – The Arcade

!Ohmai: Tulip Fairy [Companion] – The Arcade