So this past weekend, something very special happened. Sailor Moon came back. Back with a lovely new art style and all the characters we know and love. Nostalgia was at it’s max as I sat curled up in bed early Saturday morning and watched the series premiere on Crunchyroll. My inner child was jumping for joy as I watched Usagi clumsily fall downstairs, saw Umino with his signature swirly glasses and watched Tuxedo Mask dramatically jump out a window and generally being the diva he is. I fondly recalled as I watched this, myself as a child running around with lamely done pigtails and striking the poses as I quoted the show. I decided to throw together a little post inspired by Sailor Moon, using my little me avatar to show my inner child coming out once again as I get to relive my childhood all over again. I am thoroughly happy that my love for Sailor Moon has lived on throughout my life.


Moon Prism Power


On Nara

Outfit: FATEplay – Rena – SuperHeart

Backpack: ~_* Cooties  *_~ Rainbow Glitter StarMaker BackPack

Hair: Olive. the Rosie Moon Hair – Tasty Pastels

Shoes: Slink Margot Ballet Slippers Std Pearl

Wand:  ISON + tulip. Sailor Wand (Moon)

Pose: flowey. throw a rose

On Tallulah

Dress: B.C.C baby Moon Outfit Dress denim flower

Bag: ::{u.f.o}::moon light bag – cloud – coral

Hair: .Olive. the Eilfie Hair n Clips

Shoes: ::{u.f.o}::girlish oxford shoes

Wand: .tsg. Spiral Heart Rod – Pink

Glasses: (Yummy) Cat Eye Readers – Black

Piercing: flowey for Stories & Co. / Moon Booger – Rose Gold

Necklace: .Olive. the Scout’s Heart Pendent – Silver Stardust & Pink

Fairy: Wimey: Fairy Companion (Classic Blue) RARE

Pose: flowey. agent of love and courage