She is a Geek (Obviously)

I guess you could say that I pretty much died and went to heaven that first time I stepped foot at the Geeks n Nerds event. I am still so excited that can… Continue reading

She’ll Put a Spell on You

Happy Halloween and Happy November 1st! I hope everyone had the spookiest, most exciting night ever and enjoy those buckets and buckets of candy that you have stolen from your kids or bought… Continue reading

She’s Ready for Trick or Treating!

Greetings and happy Sunday! I do hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend thus far! Halloween, one of my FAVORITE holidays is right around the corner, and that means the movies are playing, the… Continue reading

She’s at the Wizarding Faire

I’m ALIVE. Well if you count super stressed out, and being crushed under mountains of homework alive. As you all know by know, the Wizarding Faire started a few weeks ago. I’m a… Continue reading

They Love Who They Are

So I’m putting together this blog post to talk about being a big kid in a little kids world on my little, Naraelina Ordinary and I’ve dragged fellow big kid and photographer, Marianne… Continue reading

She Loves the Changing of the Seasons

As you remember, I blabbered on and on in my last post about how I love the fall season and how I was so happy that it’s coming up soon.  I also talked… Continue reading

She Loves the Fall

Happy September to one and all. I know you are probably thinking “September?! Where the heck did my summer go?!” heck even I am thinking that I am not even a fan of… Continue reading


If you’ve managed to decipher my blog title, then you’ve figured out that this is my super happy fun time Arcade blog post of the round.  As I’m sure everyone around the grid… Continue reading

She’s a Wizard

As many of my friends can probably guess, I am so super excited and happy about Fateplay’s newest release. Specifically though, the Hogwarts uniforms. (Not saying that Sailor Moon related things are not… Continue reading


Whenever I hear the word aliens, I think of that dumb meme… Er, well it’s not dumb, but rather silly and it always makes me giggle. Now anyone that knows me, knows that… Continue reading