She is Free

            Freedom has never felt so good, even if it’s only for the next three days. I can FINALLY stay up later then 7 PM because I no… Continue reading

She is Thankful

This week in Second Life, our community lost someone very special, who goes by the name Millie. She was a lovely person who was so incredibly sweet and she’s touched a lot of… Continue reading

She Challenges You

Happy Tuesday everyone! Don’t you just love Tuesday? It’s almost like it’s a second Monday isn’t it? Isn’t that absolutely delightful? Jokes aside, if your having post monday blues on this Tuesday, then… Continue reading

She’s Seen an Elephant Fly

Hello again from my little corner of hiatus and such. I have been missing blogging and taking pictures so much lately, but everytime I do try to go on Second life, I log… Continue reading

She is Proud

Hello, hi, yes, I am alive. I’ve been on a sort of Second Life/blogging/photo hiatus, trying to focus on my crazy, stressful real life. I have so many unfinished drafts in my post… Continue reading

The People She Loves – Harper Cassidy Republic

So I saw this challenge tonight pop up on my timeline, and I thought, hey, this is such a lovely idea. My problem is that there are several people I’d love to talk… Continue reading

They are Excited

IT’S OFFICIALLY SUMMER, WOOHOO! SUMMER! And boy did it start off with a bang! I mean that quite literally, because it was thundering and lightning ALL night! Scary stuff man. Anywho, I realized… Continue reading

Because She is a 90’s Kid

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely love this round of Collabor88. I like to think myself as a 90’s kid because I was born in the wonderful year of 1992,… Continue reading

She’s Bad to the Bone

Hi again! Lookie, a non event or challenge related post. It’s a true miracle! But I’ve been wanting to show off my little outfit I put together on Naraelina. it’s been awhile since… Continue reading

She’s Been Out in the Sun

Happy Wednesday everyone! You guys are lucky, I’m actually doing more then one post today, to make up for lack of posts, plus I wanna do a post that isn’t event/meme related, which… Continue reading