Women in Black

Look, I did a thing. It’s for Strawberry’s Monday Meme, where she had us do our own movie posters! Boy was this right up my alley, eh? I’m such a movie buff, not… Continue reading

Because She’s a Lady

Woo, finally, time to myself to do an actual DisneyBound post! I’m super happy, and hoping to get a lot of them done in the next week or so, because I am so… Continue reading

Did Somebody Say the Arcade?!

What? The Arcade? But didn’t that just END like recently? Whelp, it certainly does feel that way doesn’t it? I was shocked when I started seeing things pop up about the next round… Continue reading

She’s Loving .Olive.

Whelp, helloooo everyone! I’m back from my wonderful trip to Boston where I went and geeked out at an Anime convention for 5 days and it was glorious. Now I’m on a week… Continue reading

She’s Not a Llama

Well hello everybody! Yes, It’s been awhile since I blogged, and even longer since I did the DisneyBound challenge. Life, as always is busy, and when I’m on, I can’t find any inspiration… Continue reading

She Wrote a (Bad)Haiku

I admit, blogging has taken a back seat for awhile. It makes me terribly sad, but I’ve been so busy and just out of it! I’ve been in the same outfits all week.… Continue reading

The Force is With Them

May the 4th be with you. *Ques the Star Wars sound effects* Yes, yes, I know. You are thinking “But Nara, it’s the 6th now.”  And I’m fully aware of that, but my PC decided… Continue reading

Her Three Wishes

Happy Monday everyone! Well, for me anyway, since it’s my Saturday. *Insert evil laughter* Er, well anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and I hope their week goes nicely! I have… Continue reading

She’s Changing Her Fate

Man, I got to stop doing these posts last minute. Though to be fair, I was gone all of last week and then I had to catch on and do my Fantasy Faire… Continue reading

Why Does She Blog?

It’s 3 AM and I cannot sleep so I decided to do one of Strawberry Singh’s new memes, the ‘Why Do You Blog?’ one! I do love doing these! Find out more here! How… Continue reading