She’s Gacha Crazy

Hi, hello! As we all know, the Arcade opened up last Saturday and right away it was full and nearly impossible to get into for the next few days. The grid has gone… Continue reading

She’s Her Mama’s Girl

Hello, hi! I’m so sorry for my umm… extreme lateness with this blog. I’ve had one heck of a few weeks, and I’ve been super crazy busy. I actually have had this specific… Continue reading

She is Tiny

It’s happened. I, Naraelina Faye Kovacs-Darling… Has been sucked into the current fad that’s raging throughout the kid world. The adorably tiny toddleedoo mesh avatar, available at Cute Bytes for the low low… Continue reading

She’s Loving

Hey everyone! It’s been storming and raining for a week straight where I live, so I figured it’d be a good time to blog a comfortable, yet warm outfit. I’ve been wearing these… Continue reading

She’s a Tomboy

Well good evening everyone! I’m actually blogging again, surprise surprise, but I have quite literally, a WHOLE folder of things to blog. And all the photos are already taken, so it’s just a… Continue reading

She’s a Dreamer

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well! I’ve been super distracted lately by some awesome things. I’ve been working on learning how to make sculpts in Blender… very very slowly. I’m also… Continue reading

She is Comfortable

Hey everyone! It’s FRIDAY, which means THE WEEKEND! Which means laying around in pajamas, watching movies and television and gaming until you the early hours of the morning. Ah yes, weekends. However THIS weekend is Memorial… Continue reading

She’s Alone

I think this week has been the longest, hardest week of my Second Life, and just a really bad week in my Real Life. But I’m not gonna say anymore about that, because I know… Continue reading

She’s a Cheerleader

Recently, the CSE cheerleaders had their try outs for the new team. Most of the members are from the OSE cheer team, though we did get one new teammate, Mara Jestyr – which… Continue reading

She’s a Dancer

So, I’m sure many of you have heard of Bellissima Ballet Academy that’s run by Miss Michelle, and that’s located on one of the Storybook sims. It’s an adorable little ballet school, with cute… Continue reading