She Has Special Eyes

Something awesome is coming soon from Damien Fate of FATEwear, FATEeyes and FATEplay! As I type this, Damien is in the process of finalizing his newest pair of mesh eyes, which also happen to be one of the best eyes I’ve ever seen in Second Life. I was lucky enough to be a beta tester, and let me tell you my friends, he has gone all out. Every single aspect of these eyes is controlled by a newly design HUD and you can customize pretty much anything and everything that you can think of. All the textures are brand new and also use materials, making them absolutely gorgeous to look at. Basically every single thing is new when compared to the 2.0 eyes he currently has out. Available on the HUD are some presets as well as some empty presets so you can save your own.The sky is the limit! Below I’ve decided to show off some of my favorite presets that are available. I’ve yet to really mess around with the eyes and customize them myself, but I’m looking forward to it! So make sure to keep an EYE (nudge nudge wink) out for the release within the next month!



(How can you not love the ability to add tears?! The photographer in me is screaming with delight at the thought of the new pictures I can take with this option)