Monthly Archive: August, 2013


If you’ve managed to decipher my blog title, then you’ve figured out that this is my super happy fun time Arcade blog post of the round. ¬†As I’m sure everyone around the grid… Continue reading

She’s a Wizard

As many of my friends can probably guess, I am so super excited and happy about Fateplay’s newest release. Specifically though, the Hogwarts uniforms. (Not saying that Sailor Moon related things are not… Continue reading


Whenever I hear the word aliens, I think of that dumb meme… Er, well it’s not dumb, but rather silly and it always makes me giggle. Now anyone that knows me, knows that… Continue reading

She is Free

            Freedom has never felt so good, even if it’s only for the next three days. I can FINALLY stay up later then 7 PM because I no… Continue reading

She is Thankful

This week in Second Life, our community lost someone very special, who goes by the name Millie. She was a lovely person who was so incredibly sweet and she’s touched a lot of… Continue reading

She Challenges You

Happy Tuesday everyone! Don’t you just love Tuesday? It’s almost like it’s a second Monday isn’t it? Isn’t that absolutely delightful? Jokes aside, if your having post monday blues on this Tuesday, then… Continue reading

She’s Seen an Elephant Fly

Hello again from my little corner of hiatus and such. I have been missing blogging and taking pictures so much lately, but everytime I do try to go on Second life, I log… Continue reading