She is Finding Herself

      So… hi! I exist! It’s been just shy of a year since I last blogged and… well since I was last active in the world of Second Life! My computers… Continue reading

She Loves Summer

Well hello! Two blog posts within two days, what is this?! Crazy I know. I’m here today to show off some Seasons Story things that will be at the upcoming round that starts¬†July… Continue reading


So this past weekend, something very special happened. Sailor Moon came back. Back with a lovely new art style and all the characters we know and love. Nostalgia was at it’s max as… Continue reading

They Live in a World of Imagination

Greetings everyone! I’m guessing you all know what’s happening today in the virtual world eh?! If you somehow don’t know, then let me tell you… it’s… ready for it? It’s… ARCADE TIME YET… Continue reading

She Has Special Eyes

Something awesome is coming soon from Damien Fate of FATEwear, FATEeyes and FATEplay! As I type this, Damien is in the process of finalizing his newest pair of mesh eyes, which also happen… Continue reading

She’s a Rebel Spy

Hello everyone! It’s been a VERY long time, yes, I know and for that I apologize! But recently I found that Second Life just isn’t as fun anymore, so I decided to do… Continue reading

She Survived the Arcade

Happy Arcade day everyone! Early this morning, the event opened up for it’s 7th round and people crammed the sims and the surrounding areas faster then you could say rare! I had the… Continue reading

She’s Lovely

This is my Seasons Story post. Yay!¬†Better late then never I suppose, right? RIGHT!? No? Ahh well, okay then. I started school recently and basically I don’t have a day off between that… Continue reading

She’s Prepared

Hello everyone! I have another post here featuring my child avatar, Nara! AGAIN! Special thanks to my fellow big kid, Marianne Mccan who keeps finding mesh that fits us kids, thus allowing me… Continue reading

She’s Gonna Have a Great 2014

I had spent the evening at work on New Years Eve, writing up a blog post to post when I got home. But I never got around to it, opting instead to have… Continue reading